Hi peeps! How’s it going? Vera here today. Goodness, the past 3 weeks been so hectic as I am sorting and packing the cards from Caring Hearts Card Drive. At my end alone I received over 22,600 cards and I am working on packing the last batch.

By this weekend, I can finally start working on our Christmas decoration. Now, let’s get on to card shall we?

For my card today, I am all about in the spirit of Christmas. I played with the lovely Pinecone Greetings set and mix it with the cute gingerbread from Ginger Snaps set.

I wasn’t really planning on using the li’l fella, but after I finished my pinecone arrangement, I thought having him popping up from behind would be cute, so there he goes. The sentiment is from Seasons Greetings set.

Well peeps, that’s all from me today. May your Thursday be a fantastic one. Cheers…

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